Indutrial Gas Purification

  • Biogas Purification and Refinery Plant

    Biogas is a kind of environment-friendly, clean, and cheap combustible gas produced by microorganisms in anaerobic environments, such as livestock manure, agricultural waste, industrial organic waste, domestic sewage, and municipal solid waste. The main components are methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Biogas is mainly purified and purified for city gas, vehicle fuel, and hydrogen p...
  • CO gas Purification and Refinery Plant

    Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process was used to purify CO from mixed gas containing CO, H2, CH4, carbon dioxide, CO2, and other components. The raw gas enters a PSA unit to adsorb and remove CO2, water, and trace sulfur. The purified gas after decarbonization enters the two-stage PSA device to remove impurities such as H2, N2, and CH4, and the adsorbed CO is exported as a product through va...
  • Food Grade CO2 Refinery and Purification Plant

    CO2 is the main by-product in the process of hydrogen production, which has high commercial value. The concentration of carbon dioxide in wet decarbonization gas can reach more than 99% (dry gas). Other impurity contents are: water, hydrogen, etc. after purification, it can reach food grade liquid CO2. It can be purified from hydrogen reforming gas from natural gas SMR, methanol cracking gas, l...
  • Syngas Purification and Refinery Plant

    The removal of H2S and CO2 from syngas is a common gas purification technology. It is applied in the purification of NG, SMR reforming gas, coal gasification, LNG production with coke oven gas, SNG process. MDEA process is adopted to remove H2S and CO2. After purification of syngas, H2S is less than 10mg / nm 3, CO2 is less than 50ppm (LNG process).
  • Coke Oven Gas Purification and Refinery Plant

    Coke oven gas contains tar, naphthalene, benzene, inorganic sulfur, organic sulfur and other impurities. In order to make full use of coke oven gas, purify coke oven gas, reduce impurity content in coke oven gas, fuel emission can meet the requirements of environmental protection, and can be used as chemical production. The technology is mature and widely used in power plant and coal chemical i...

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