Hydrogen Peroxide Refinery and Purification plant


The production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) by anthraquinone process is one of the most mature and popular production methods in the world. At present, there are three kinds of products with a mass fraction of 27.5%, 35.0%, and 50.0% in China market.


The purified hydrogen peroxide can be used in various industries and applications.  One of the most common uses is as a powerful oxidizing agent.  It is widely employed in wastewater treatment plants to remove pollutants and disinfect water.  In the pulp and paper industry, hydrogen peroxide is used in bleaching processes to brighten and whiten paper products.  It is also utilized in the textile industry for bleaching and desizing operations.

Furthermore, hydrogen peroxide is widely employed in the manufacturing of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products.  Its oxidative properties make it a valuable ingredient in the production of detergents, cosmetics, and hair colorants.  Additionally, hydrogen peroxide is used in the mining industry for ore leaching and metal extraction processes.

In conclusion, the Hydrogen Peroxide Refinery and Purification Plant is a crucial facility that ensures the production of high-quality hydrogen peroxide for various industries.  Through advanced purification techniques, the plant removes impurities and achieves the desired concentration and purity level.  The versatility of hydrogen peroxide makes it an indispensable chemical compound, and this plant plays a significant role in providing a reliable supply for its diverse applications.

Technology Characteristics

● The technology is mature, the process route is short and reasonable, and the energy consumption is low.
● High degree of automation and safe, simple and reliable operation.
● High equipment integration, small field installation workload and short construction period.

Technology Characteristics

Product Concentration


H2 Consumption(27.5%)

195Nm3/t. H2O2


Air:1250 Nm3,2-EAQ:0.60kg,Power:180KWh,Steam:0.05t,Water:0.85t

Plant Size

≤60MTPD(50%   concentration)(20000MTPA)

Photo Detail

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Refinery and Purification plant
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Refinery and Purification plant

Technology Input Table

Feedstock Condition

Product Requirement

Technical Requirement