Technical Support Questions


Technical Support Questions

1. What can ALLY do

Hydrogen by electrolysis, green ammonia, Methanol reforming to hydrogen, Natural gas reforming to hydrogen, Pressure Swing Adsorption to hydrogen, coke oven gas to hydrogen, chlor alkali tail gas to hydrogen, small hydrogen generator, integrated hydrogen production and refueling station, methanol to hydrogen and backup power supply, etc.

2. Which production process has the lower hydrogen cost, methanol or natural gas

In the cost of hydrogen production, the cost of raw materials accounts for the majority. The comparison of hydrogen cost is mainly the comparison of raw material price. For the product hydrogen with the same hydrogen production scale and co less than 10ppm, if the price of natural gas is 2.5CNY/Nm3, and the price of methanol is less than 2000CNY/ton, the production cost of methanol hydrogen production will be advantageous.

3. What is the hydrogen production mode selected for the hydrogen refueling station

Hydrogen production from natural gas, methanol or water electrolysis.

4. Hydrogen production performance of ALLY

More than 620 sets of equipment are provided for users, mainly including Methanol reforming to hydrogen production, Natural gas reforming to hydrogen production, Pressure swing adsorption to hydrogen production, coke oven gas purification to hydrogen production, hydrogen production to support hydrogen refueling station, hydrogen generator to support backup power supply, etc.
ALLY has exported to the United States, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and exported more than 40 sets of equipment.

5. In which industries are the ALLY products applied

The products are mainly used in new energy, fuel cell, environmental protection, automobile, aerospace, polysilicon, fine chemicals, industrial gas, steel, food, electronics, glass, pharmaceutical intermediates and other industries.

6. What is the leadtime of a hydrogen plant/generator

Complete the design, procurement, construction and acceptance within 5-12 months.

7. What is ALLY’s technical advantages

1) Leading the preparation of technical specifications and standards for methanol hydrogen production;
2) Successfully developed the world's smallest hydrogen generator by methanol and applied to backup power supply;
3) Research and development of the first methanol to hydrogen production unit with catalytic combustion autothermal reforming in China;
4) Development and application of the world's largest monomer methanol reforming reformer;
5) The key component of self-produced PSA is the pneumatic flat plate programmable valve body.

8. Service Telephone Numbers

Pre-sales service: 028 – 62590080 - 8126/8125
Engineering services: 028 – 62590080
After sales service: 028 – 62590095

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