Syngas Purification and Refinery Plant


The removal of H2S and CO2 from syngas is a common gas purification technology. It is applied in the purification of NG, SMR reforming gas, coal gasification, LNG production with coke oven gas, SNG process. MDEA process is adopted to remove H2S and CO2. After purification of syngas, H2S is less than 10mg / nm 3, CO2 is less than 50ppm (LNG process).

Technology Characteristics

● Mature technology, easy operation, safe and reliable operation,.
● The reboiler does not need external heat source for hydrogen production from natural gas SMR.

Technical Process

(taking natural gas SMR gas purification as an example)
The syngas enters the reboiler of regeneration tower at 170 ℃, then water cooling after heat exchange . The temperature drops to 40 ℃ and enters the decarbonization tower. The syngas enters from the lower part of the tower, the amine liquid is sprayed from the top, and the gas passes through the absorption tower from bottom to top. The CO2 in the gas is absorbed. The decarbonized gas goes to the next process for hydrogen extraction. The CO2 content of the decarbonized gas is controlled at 50ppm ~ 2%. After passing through the decarbonization tower, the lean solution absorbs CO2 and becomes rich liquid. After heat exchange with the lean liquid at the outlet of the regeneration tower, the amine liquid enters the regeneration tower for stripping, and the CO2 gas goes to the battery limit from the top of the tower. The amine solution is heated by reboiler at the bottom of the tower to remove CO2 and become lean liquid. The lean liquid comes out from the bottom of the regeneration tower, after pressurized then passes through the rich and poor liquid heat exchanger and the lean liquid cooler to cool down, and then returns to the decarbonization tower to absorb the acid gas CO2.

Technology Characteristics

Plant Size NG or Syngas 1000~200000 Nm³/h
Decarbonization CO₂≤20ppm
desulfurization H₂S≤5ppm
Pressure 0.5~15 MPa (G)

Applicable Fields

● Gas purification
● Natural gas hydrogen production
● Methanol hydrogen production
● etc.

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  • Syngas Purification and Refinery Plant

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