Design Service


Ally Hi-Tech's Design Service includes

· Engineering Design
· Equipment Design
· Pipeline Design
· Electrical & Instrument Design
We can provide engineering design that covers all aspects above of the project, also a partial design of the plant, which will be as per the Scope of Supply ahead of the construction.

Engineering Design consists of designs of three stages - proposal design, preliminary design, and construction drawing design. It covers the whole process of engineering. As a consulted or entrusted party, Ally Hi-Tech has the design certificates and our engineer team meets the requirement for practicing qualifications.

Our consulting service in the design stage pays attention to:

● meet the needs of the construction unit as the focus
● put forward suggestions on the overall construction scheme
● organize the selection and optimization of the design scheme, process, programs and items
● put forward opinions and suggestions on the aspects of function and investment.

Instead of appearance design, Ally Hi-Tech provides Equipment Design out of practicality and safety,
For industrial gas plants, especially hydrogen generation plants, safety is the foremost factor that engineers should concern about while designing. It requires expertise in equipment and process principles, as well as the knowledge of potential risks hidden behind the plants.
Some special equipment like heat exchangers, which directly affect the efficiency of the plant, require additional expertise, and have high requirements on the designers.



Just as with other parts, Pipeline Design plays an important role in the safe, stable, and continuous operation as well as the maintenance of plants.
Pipeline design documents generally include a drawing catalog, pipeline material grade list, pipeline data sheet, equipment layout, pipeline plane layout, axonometry, strength calculation, pipeline stress analysis, and construction and installation instructions if necessary.

Electrical & Instrument Design involves the selection of hardware based on the requirements of the process, the alarm and interlocks realization, the program for control, etc.
If there are more than one plants that share the same system, engineers shall consider how to adjust and unite them to guarantee the stable operation of the plant from interference or conflict.

For the PSA section, sequence and steps shall be well programmed in the system so that all the switch valves could function as planned and absorbers could complete the pressure rising and depressurization under safe conditions. And product hydrogen which meets specifications can be generated after the purification of PSA. This requires engineers who have a deep understanding of both on the program and adsorber actions during the PSA process.

With an accumulation of experience from more than 600 hydrogen plants, the engineering team of Ally Hi-Tech knows well about the essential factors and will put them into consideration in the design process. No matter for whole solution or design service, Ally Hi-tech is always a reliable partnership you can count on.


Engineering Service

  • Plant Assessment/Optimization

    Plant Assessment/Optimization

    Based on the basic data of the plant, Ally Hi-Tech will do a comprehensive analysis including process flow, energy consumption, equipment, E&I, risk precautions etc. During the analysis, engineer team of Ally Hi-Tech will take advantage of the expertise and rich experience on industrial gas plants, especially for hydrogen plants. For example, temperatures at each process point will be checked and see if enhancement can be made for heat exchange and energy saving. Utilities will be also included in the scope of evaluation and see whether improvements can be done between utilities and the main plant. Done with analysis, a report of existing problems will be submitted. Of course, corresponded solutions for optimization will be also listed right after the problems. We also provide partial service like Steam Reformer Assessment of steam methane reforming (SMR plant) and Program Optimization.

  • Start-up& Commissioning

    Start-up& Commissioning

    Smooth start-up is the first step in the profitable cycle of production. Ally Hi Tech provides start-up & commissioning service for industrial gas plants, especially for hydrogen plants. to help you prepare and perform your start-up more efficiently and safely. Combined with decades of practical experience and a strong expertise, ALLY team will carry out the whole process of technical guidance and service according to the clients’ requirements of the plant. Start with the review of files related to plant design and operating manuals, then move to equipment installation and debugging, control system configuration, and operator training. Then to the commissioning plan review, linkage debugging, the system linkage test, commissioning test, and finally system start-up.

  • Troubleshooting


    22 years focus, 600 plus hydrogen plants, 57 technical patents, Ally Hi-Tech has the technical expertise and rich experience that enable us to provide plant and process troubleshooting services. Our troubleshooting team will work closely with your plant personnel to conduct detailed plant surveys. Our observations are supported by in-plant surveys, diagnostic examinations, sampling, and testing. Ally High-Tech offers proven practical solutions to problems with your industrial gas plants, especially hydrogen plants. Whether you have a specific problem, want to increase production, or need enhanced heat recovery system, we will provide you with world-class technical support to ensure efficient and continuously optimized hydrogen production solutions. We have experts in all technical disciplines required to complete comprehensive plant troubleshooting.

  • Training Service

    The necessary training service for each project is with the professional team of on-site technical engineers. Each technical engineer has rich experience and is recognized and praised by customers.1)Project site training process (including equipment function)
    2)Start-up steps
    3)Shutdown steps
    4)Equipment operation and maintenance
    5)On-site explanation of the device (The process of the plant, positioning of the equipment, valve position, operation requirements, etc.)The hydrogen plant places demand on experience and understanding of plant and systems design as well as rotating machineries and software. Inexperience can result in safety and compliance issues or performance concerns.
    Ally Hi-Tech is here to assist you to be ready. Our dedicated customized training classes ensures that we can provide you with a very effective and personal training service. Your learning experience with Ally Hi-tech’s training service will benefit from our familiarity with the operation and analysis of industrial gas plants, especially hydrogen plants.




  • After-sale Service – Catalyst Replacement

    When the device runs long enough, the catalyst or adsorbent will reach its lifespan and need to be replaced. Ally Hi-Tech provides excellent after-sales service, providing catalyst replacement solutions and reminding customers to change catalysts in advance when customers are willing to share operating data.To avoid trouble during catalyst replacement, problems resulting in longer downtime and, in the worst case, a poorly performing catalyst, Ally Hi-Tech sends engineers to the site, making proper loading an important step in profitable plant operations.
    Ally’s Hi-Tech provides you with on-site catalyst replacement, effectively preventing problems and ensuring that your loading is proceeding smooth.





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