Biogas Purification and Refinery Plant


Biogas is a kind of environment-friendly, clean, and cheap combustible gas produced by microorganisms in anaerobic environments, such as livestock manure, agricultural waste, industrial organic waste, domestic sewage, and municipal solid waste. The main components are methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Biogas is mainly purified and purified for city gas, vehicle fuel, and hydrogen production.
Both biogas and natural gas are primarily CH₄. The product gas purified from CH₄ is bio-gas (BNG), and pressurized to 25MPa is compressed natural gas (CNG). Ally Hi-Tech has designed and produced a biogas extraction biogas unit that effectively removes impurities such as condensate, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide from biogas and maintains a very high recovery rate from CH₄. The main process includes raw gas pretreatment, desulfurization, buffer recovery, biogas compression, decarbonization, dehydration, storage, natural gas pressure and circulating water cooling, desorption, and so on.


FeaturesTechnical Process

No pollution
In the discharge process, biomass energy has little pollution to the environment. Biomass energy produces carbon dioxide in the emission process, the carbon dioxide emissions can be absorbed by the photosynthesis of plants with the same amount of growth, achieving zero carbon dioxide emissions, which is very beneficial to reducing the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere and reduce the “greenhouse effect”.
Biomass energy contains huge energy and belongs to renewable energy. As long as there is sunlight, the photosynthesis of green plants will not stop, and biomass energy will not be exhausted. Vigorously advocate planting trees, grass, and other activities, not only plants will continue to provide biomass energy raw materials, but also improve the ecological environment
Easy to extract
Biomass energy is universal and easy to obtain. Biomass energy exists in all countries and regions of the world, and it is cheap, easy to obtain, and the production process is very simple.
Easy to store
Biomass energy can be stored and transported. Among renewable energy sources, biomass energy is the only energy that can be stored and transported, which facilitates its processing, transformation, and continuous use.
Easy to convert
Biomass energy has volatile components, high carbon activity, and flammability. At about 400℃, most of the volatile components of biomass energy can be released and easily converted into gaseous fuels. Biomass energy combustion ash content is less, not easy to bond, and can simplify the ash removal equipment.

Main Technical Parameter

Plant size

50~20000 Nm3/h





Recovery rate


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  • Biogas Purification and Refinery Plant

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