Long-term uninterrupted Power Supply System


Ally Hi-tech’s hydrogen backup power system is a compact machine integrated with hydrogen generation unit, PSA unit and power generation unit.
Using methanol water liquor as feedstock, hydrogen backup power system can realize long time power supply as long as there is enough methanol liquor. No matter for islets, desert, emergency or for military uses, this hydrogen power system can provide with stable and long run power. And it only requires the space as two normal size refrigerators. Also, methanol liquor is easy to be kept with long enough expiration date.
The technology applied on the backup power system is one of the core technologies of Ally Hi-Tech, hydrogen production by methanol reforming. With more than 300 plants experiences, Ally Hi-tech make the plant several compact units into a cabinet, and the noise while operation is kept under 60dB.



1. High purity hydrogen is obtained by patent technology, and thermal and DC power is obtained after fuel cell, which is fast start-up with high purity of hydrogen and long service life of fuel cell;
2. It can be combined with solar energy, wind energy and battery to form a comprehensive backup power system;
3. IP54 outdoor cabinet, light weight and compact structure, can be installed outdoors and on the roof;
4. Quiet operation and low carbon emission.

Classic Cases

Methanol hydrogen production + fuel cell long-term power supply system can be widely used in base station, machine room, data center, outdoor monitoring, isolated island, hospital, RV, outdoor (field) operation power consumption.
1.Telecommunication base stations and a refuge in the mountainous area of Taiwan:
20Nm3/h hydrogen generator by methanol and 5kW×4 matched fuel cells.
Methanol-water storage: 2000L, it can reserve for 74hr continuous use time with output of 25KW, and supply emergency power for 4 mobile communication base stations and one refuge.
2.3kW continuous power supply system configuration, L×H×W(M3): 0.8×0.8×1.7(can guarantee 24 hours continuous power supply, if longer power supply is required, it needs external fuel tank)

Main Performance Index

Rated output voltage 48V.DC( from DC-AC to 220V.AC)
Output voltage range 52.5~53.1V.DC(DC-DC output)
Rated output power 3kW/5kW,units can be combined to 100kW
Methanol consumption 0.5~0.6kg/kWh
Applicable scenarios Off grid independent power supply / standby power supply
Start time Cold state < 45min, hot state < 10min (lithium battery or lead-acid battery can be used for the immediate power need, which is from external power interruption to system startup power supply)
Operating temperature (℃) -5~45℃(ambient temp)
Design life of hydrogen production system (H) >40000
Design life of stack (H) ~5000(continuous working hours)
Noise limit (dB) ≤60
Protection grade and dimension (m3) IP54,L×H×W:1.15×0.64×1.23(3kW)
System cooling mode Air cooling/Water cooling

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  • Long-term uninterrupted Power Supply System
  • Long-term uninterrupted Power Supply System
  • Long-term uninterrupted Power Supply System

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