Smooth acceptance and delivery of the Messer project


On April 27,2022, a set of 300Nm3 / h methanol conversion to high purity hydrogen unit provided by Ally for Messer Vietnam was successfully accepted and delivered. The whole unit adopts factory prefabrication and modular shipping, which minimizes the damage to the integrity of the unit caused by long-distance transportation and reduces the workload of on-site installation.



Due to the epidemic time entry and traffic restrictions, the engineers of Ally failed to arrive at the scene as scheduled. Thus, Ally immediately set up an emergency working group to implement the engineer dispatching plan and provide customers with remote training and all-weather technical support in China.


After overcoming the epidemic control restrictions and arriving at the site, our engineers immediately devoted themselves to the work, implemented the details of the device, patiently answered the owner’s questions, and put forward professional and technical suggestions in combination with the technical support team. The device started smoothly according to the site plan, and all technical indicators met the standards and were accepted by the owner!


There are many new variables in the whole world every day under the epidemic. It takes great courage to step out of China. However, it has always been the mission of the Ally to provide customers with perfect hydrogen solutions!


Ally people are always with customers!

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Post time: Apr-29-2022

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