May You Be Kind And Beautiful, Brave And Free!


Today is International Women's Day

To celebrate this special festival for women, we planned a pleasant trip for our female employees. We travelled for outing and flower appreciation on this special day. We hope they could embrace the beauty of life and take a relief from their heavy routines by taking this short trip to the suburb with beautiful natural scene together.

March is the time for grass growing and warblers flying. The season when rapeseed flowers are in full bloom. In the warm spring, flowers are coming out with a rush, In the breeze and warm sunshine.

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We met with the Spring by smelling and gently touching the rapeseed flowers in the fields. Everyone took out their mobile phones taking photos, to record the sweet memory fulfilled with bright sunshine, flower fragrance and joy. Delightful moments were captured, such as smiling selfies, smelling the flowers, posing in various position.
While the flowers were in full bloom, and we fully felt the joy of the festival.

The sky was sunny and gentle, we enjoyed the nice weather and were in a great mood.

Ally Hi-Tech respects the female power, values the unique talent that women have, and we are proud of all women in the world. Just be fearless, brave, and decisive! Ally Hi-tech provides all our employees with strong supports on the families, careers, life targets and mental or physical beneficial hobbies.

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Ally Hi-Tech wishes:
Happy holiday for all women around the world and wish you all open a bright new world of your own! And all your dreams come true! As gentle as spring, always be able to live the way you want, self-confident and independent, always have the courage to love life!

This outing and flower appreciation promoted communication between us, enhanced feelings and completely relaxed our body and mind. At the same time, we appreciated the breath of spring, we will also be more passionate and energetic at work.

Post time: Sep-29-2022

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