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01 Integrated Hydrogen Generator had arrived on site in U.S.

After more than 40 days of sailing, the compact hydrogen generator ordered by PLUG POWER successfully arrived at Brookhaven, MS., USA. Despite of increasingly worsen of epidemic, Ally Hi-Tech still delegated personnel to check and receive the goods with Plug Power on site, in accordance with the principle of “Services Come First”.



02 Remote guide commissioning

Despite of the challenging of COVID-19, Ally Hi-Tech has successfully completed the site services for two Indian projects in 2020; and both of them have been accepted by Indian clients.


In April 2021, one Bangladesh SMR hydrogen plant has completed the installation and commissioning through telemetering and remote monitoring. It is the second case remotely guided and supported by Ally HI-Tech engineers. The first one is in Taiwan China. 


In whatever circumstance, Ally Hi-Tech is definitely managing the best to efficiently service wherever the client is located.


Post time: Apr-16-2021

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