Glad Tidings—The World’s 1st Bioethanol Hydrogen Production Unit Has Passed Expert Appraisal


On October 16, 2023, the acceptance and appraisal meeting of the world’s first (set) 200 Nm³/h biomass ethanol reforming hydrogen production project was held in Beijing. Academician He Hong of the Ecological Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the meeting, and Academician Sun Fengchun of Beijing Institute of Technology served as the leader of the expert group for acceptance and appraisal.



The meeting venue

The project is under the overall responsibility of SDIC Biotechnology Investment Co., Ltd., the Ecological Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is responsible for the development of the biomass ethanol reforming hydrogen production catalyst, and Ally Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. is responsible for the device development, GRIMAT Engineering Institute Co., Ltd. participated in the installation of reforming catalysts and on-site commissioning of the reforming reactor, and the Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology participated in the adaptation of process conditions and on-site trial operation.


Academician He Hong gave a speech & Academician Sun Fengchun gave a speech

The expert group agreed that this project has achieved the world’s first industrial demonstration application of biomass ethanol reforming hydrogen production technology, verified the feasibility of biomass ethanol as a hydrogen production feed material, provided a new technical route for a green supply of hydrogen energy and achieving dual-carbon goal; developed a self-activating high-efficiency catalyst to achieve precise control of hydrogen production, with high hydrogen yield and good stability;developed the catalytic oxidation heat supply and heat cascade recovery technology to achieve efficient utilization of device heat, recovering all remaining energetic gas energy, reusing all reforming reaction raw material water, and is compatible with both steam reforming and autothermal reforming conditions. The biomass ethanol reforming hydrogen production technology developed by this project has generally reached the international leading level, and it is recommended to further accelerate its promotion and application in industry, transportation and other fields.



Wang Yeqin, Chairman of Ally Hydrogen Energy, delivered a speech


Ye Genyin, assistant general manager and chief engineer of Ally Hydrogen Energy, gave a speech

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