Glad Tidings——Foshan Grandblue Biogas Hydrogen Production Project Successfully Accepted


The Grandblue renewable energy (biogas) hydrogen production and hydrogenation master station project in Foshan, Guangdong Province has recently successfully checked and accepted and officially launched it. The project uses biogas from kitchen waste as feedstock, and 3000Nm³/h biogas reforming hydrogen production technology and complete plant provided by Ally. After assessment, all technical indicators meet the design requirements.


With the growing global demand for renewable energy, biogas has received widespread attention as an important renewable energy resource , kitchen waste is an important subdivision of renewable resources, waste hydrogen production has become a new trend in the development of green hydrogen, which is a more environmentally friendly way than “green hydrogen”, not only effectively solve the problem of urban waste, but also reduce the cost of hydrogen production. There is a large amount of idle biogas in Grandblue solid waste treatment, but there is a gap in hydrogen use, and how to effectively reform and utilize energy is the core focus of the cooperation between Grandblue and the Ally.


Ally hydrogen energy uses the biogas produced by the fermentation of kitchen waste, adopts wet desulfurization, PSA and other technologies, purifies and transforms, and prepares product hydrogen with both economy and carbon reduction, part of the product hydrogen is delivered to customers, and part of the pressurized filling long tube trailer, which not only reduces energy loss, but also creates certain profits for enterprises, provides innovative solutions for the sustainable development of the project, maximizes the utilization of resources and minimizes environmental impact, and opens up new prospects for green energy conversion.


After rigorous acceptance tests, the biogas hydrogen production project has achieved remarkable results. The production process is stable and reliable, the hydrogen production has reached the expected target, and the purity and quality of hydrogen are in line with the standard, and the colleagues who have built in the site have overcome all difficulties in the humid and hot environment of the rainy season, worked overtime to construct, and with the support of all departments of the company, unite to complete the installation and commissioning in time.

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In the future, Ally Hydrogen Energy will continue to devote itself to technological innovation and industrial promotion, increase production scale, improve hydrogen production efficiency, and continuously optimize environmental protection measures. It is expected that in the near future, biogas hydrogen production technology will be widely used at home and abroad, promoting the popularization of clean energy and the realization of carbon emission reduction goals, and creating a better sustainable future for mankind.







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