Anting Onsite Hydrogen Refueling Station (Shanghai)

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Fuel cell vehicles use hydrogen as fuel, so the development of fuel cell vehicles is inseparable from the support of hydrogen energy infrastructure.
Hydrogen refueling station project in Shanghai mainly solves the following three problems:
(1) Hydrogen source in the early stage of developing fuel cell vehicles in Shanghai;
(2) High-pressure hydrogen filling during the research and development of fuel cell cars; The operation of 3-6 fuel cell buses in the fuel cell bus commercialization demonstration project implemented by China and the United Nations provides hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

In 2004, Ally cooperated with Tongji University to undertake the development, design, and manufacture of complete sets of technologies for supporting hydrogen extraction equipment. It is the first hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai that is matched with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, Shanghai Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station.
It is the first set of "membrane + pressure swing adsorption combined process" hydrogen extraction device in China, which pioneered the extraction of high-purity hydrogen from six industrial hydrogen-containing sources.

Main performance
● 99.99% hydrogen purity
● Serving 20 hydrogen fuel cell cars and six hydrogen fuel cell buses
● Filling pressure 35Mpa
● 85% hydrogen recovery
● 800kg hydrogen storage capacity in the station

The Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station is part of the national "863 Program" hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. Named after its launch date (March 1986), the program aims to promote technological advancement in various fields, including demonstration and commercial projects for hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

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